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How I Made a 3D Ragdoll Game with JavaScript


advanced, physics, featured, sound, lighting, shadows,

Like most people, I love animated violence. It feels good to break things or knock them over. Maybe it’s to assert our dominance. Maybe it’s to destroy the weak making way for the strong. I don’t know, but here’s how I programmed a bird. ...

Build a Star Wars Droid in three.js



I just saw Rogue One, so this next example features a Star Wars like droid. BB-8 may be your only hope… ...

Character Rigging: Exporting a Model from Blender to three.js


advanced, rigging, featured,

Meet Hugbot. A robot designed for expressing affection. It can be yours for 9000 dollars US or by ...

Casting Shadows and Casting Light in three.js


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Casting shadows is a little tricky in WebGL because the rendering can become expensive. To cast shadows, you need to choose DirectionalLight or SpotLight and enable the renderer, light and objects. ...

Three.js Game Tutorial: CLIMBER

game, animation, physics, lighting, collisions, advanced, euler, featured,

WASD to move Mouse to look around E to jump or release rope ...

Export a Model from Blender



This is a futuristic paperweight I designed in Blender, a 3D modeling tool. I did some modeling in ...

AR in three.js with Aruco Markers


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You’ll need two devices or a printer to see this example. First, print out or load this image with a different device. ...